Sunday, April 13, 2014

sunday songs - "i can only imagine"

Every Sunday, I will post a video or audio track of a church-related song, whether it be a pretty arrangement of a hymn, an EFY song, or even an inspirational, Christ-centered song by a Christian group not affiliated with the church. Music has such an unbelievable power to change lives - it is through song that I feel the Spirit the strongest in my life, and I hope that as I share these songs you can feel the truth of the messages they teach.

This song by MercyMe has always been one of my favorites. The other day, it came on the radio just when I needed it the most. I sang along as I was sitting at the red light, sobbing my eyes out, my heart overflowing with gratitude for everything the Lord has given me. More than that, listening to the words reinforced my testimony that the Lord is aware of us and is always near - all we need to do is get on our knees.

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