Sunday, March 30, 2014

sunday songs - "come unto christ"

Every Sunday, I will post a video or audio track of a church-related song, whether it be a pretty arrangement of a hymn, an EFY song, or even an inspirational, Christ-centered song by a Christian group not affiliated with the church. Music has such an unbelievable power to change lives - it is through song that I feel the Spirit the strongest in my life, and I hope that as I share these songs you can feel the truth of the messages they teach.

This is the 2014 mutual (youth) theme, "Come Unto Christ." It is a beautiful song and a heartwarming video.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

first general women's meeting

Today, I hurried home after finishing my work backstage on BYU's "Pride and Prejudice"(and running a few errands) just as the first LDS General Women's Meeting was starting.

To be completely honest, I was not really excited about this meeting. Everyone else seemed so thrilled, but, personally, I didn't see why it was necessary. In fact, I felt quite the opposite - we already had the General Young Women's Meeting and the General Relief Society Meeting - why did we need to combine them? The two age groups are at such different points in their lives that I couldn't understand how it would be beneficial or productive to try to teach them together. I liked being separate from the young women and hearing messages that I felt applied to me more than those for younger sisters. Quite honestly, I was a bit annoyed that we were all being thrown together.

Imagine my surprise when I found myself crying before we even sang the opening hymn.

It wasn't anything that was said, it wasn't the hymn chosen, and it wasn't even any feelings from earlier in the day bubbling over. It was the Spirit testifying to me of the importance of this meeting.

I still don't know why it's important. I don't know why the Lord wanted all of the women combined rather than separated into YW and RS. But I know that this was not a decision made on a whim, and I know it is the Lord's will.

I am so grateful to be a member of a church led by revelation, and to know that I can receive a personal witness of the truthfulness of its teachings.