Monday, June 19, 2017

I Love Being A Missionary!

I'm staying here, and Hna Hanson's staying with me! We're excited to get to have another transfer together and particularly in this area. Great things are ahead, that much we're sure of!

It was a bit of a roller-coaster week, but overall great! Monday night was hard, though - we came home and were getting things out of our car and we hear the opening song of Beauty and the Beast. Now, I know that musical well enough that I IMMEDIATELY knew it was the new version. It was playing on a big screen in the park across the street from our house. Hna Hanson and I had to literally run inside to stop ourselves from being tempted to just watch it. 

On Wednesday we had a funny moment where Hna Hanson got back into the car after backing me (it's a rule, anytime I back the car she has to be outside of it directing me) and acted like she was a hitch-hiker who knew nothing about the gospel. We ended up role-playing lesson one, and just as we neared the investigator's house we were going to I started laughing and was like, "What gets me is we're doing this for fun." Hna Hanson lost it laughing.

I've started focusing more on exercising in the morning, because in a recent blessing that I received I was promised that I would be protected spiritually and physically by the Lord as I do the things He asks me to do, and exercising was one of them. I've been a bit lax about it, because I've been so worried about hurting my IC, but now I'm trusting in that promise and trying to be more active. So far so good - we're doing T25 videos together as a house, its' intense, I do what I can hahaFriday night we were at dinner with Juan and Sandra (they move back to Mexico this Saturday 😥) and they called Hna Cedeno, so we were able to FaceTime with her!! It was awesome. She's doing well, she's lost a lot of weight and things are crazy there, but she finally got accepted to school here! Hopefully she'll get her Visa soon and can be back in the states in a couple months!

We didn't get in with very many of our investigators this week, but we did have a few miracles! I wrote in my journal on Friday night, "I think the thing I love most about being a missionary is that you get to feel the Spirit testify of the truthfulness of the gospel several times a day - almost constantly, really. And I'm feeling it more and more as time goes on." I've seen myself change more and more as I've sanctified myself on my mission and feel more the constant companionship of the Spirit. It's a wonderful thing.

Anyway, Saturday we knocked on a potential's door (we've never met them, the neighbor just told us they speak Spanish) and she immediately let us inside. Her name is Angelina, and it turns out that she's a former investigator from who knows how many years ago. Her son actually goes to mutual with some of his friends, and as soon as we told her what time the Spanish ward was, she said, "Oh, I'll go tomorrow!" ... Unfortunately she didn't, but she was really interested in going to the Tucson open house and was interested in us coming back and teaching her again, so we have a new investigator! She seems prepared, we'll see if she'll take the step to get baptized this time around.

Hna Hanson and I are growing so much closer together, and it's just fun to be her companion! She's a writer as well so we toss ideas around at times, and it's a good creative exercise to keep my mind from wondering too much when we're driving in the car. But we're also both very focused on the work and our investigators and dedicated to helping them in any way we can.I love being a

Hermana Garner

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