Monday, June 26, 2017

Hello, my name is Arizona, and I'm really, REALLY hot!

(video about the heat)

So this week the temperature has just been ridiculous. There were multiple times the gage in our car said it was 127 degrees. When it gets over 120 degrees we're supposed to be inside unless we have a set appointment that we're going to and studying or calling people, finding other things to do. We're not allowed to tract or proselyte for our safety.

Problem is, even being inside became a problem for us this week, because our AC broke AGAIN! Yep, that's right, hottest week ever and our AC decides to stop working. It was just upstairs in the bedrooms, the downstairs was fine. We ended up moving our mattresses into the upstairs landing because the air was coming there from downstairs and it was cool enough to actually sleep. So it's been sleep overs with the four spanish sisters all weekend haha. They're coming over today to fix it, we've been living like this for four days now.

We tried to fry an egg on the street. It didn't quite work.

This week was another roller-coaster week, with some days harder than others, but as always miracles sprinkled in between it all.  

Anyway, on to our investigators - Juan and Sandra are officially back in Mexico, it was hard to say goodbye to them but we're going to keep in contact. We love them so much! We had a few miracles lessons, and I've definitely felt myself starting to actually figure out how to do this whole teaching the gospel thing haha. 

We had an AMAZING lesson with Angelina, a new investigator, on Friday, she's so golden! She's a former who never got baptized, but is now really seeking for the truth, she said that she's 'avila,' which means hungry for knowledge. Pray for her, we think it's really likely she could be baptized this transfer!

thoughts this week ...

Ether 3:1 - when the Brother of Jared is trying to figure out how to get light into the barges, it says that he took stones that he had "molten out of a rock." He didn't expect the Lord to do all the work, and didn't just pick up random stones - he fashioned the stones and put effort into making them acceptable before the Lord, doing all he could until the point where there was nothing left but to rely on God's power. It's a great example.

Hermana Garner

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