Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Happy, Positive and Enjoying the Work!

First of all, ya'll should know that next week we won't have P-day on Monday, it'll be on Wednesday instead - we have a member of the Seventy visiting us and have zone conference on Monday as a result. So it'll be a long week, but the next one will be short! :P

Hna Hanson and I had quite a lot of funny moments this week. We just enjoyed each others company and found joy in the work each day. We're both improving with the language, but still make funny mistakes. We were practicing teaching the Plan of Salvation, and Hna Hanson was explaining how there were two parts of the spirit world - Paradise, and Prison. In Spanish, the word for prison is 'Carcel.' But she made a mistake and said that we either go to "Paraiso" or "Cartel." We both had to stop practicing because we were laughing so hard. So apparently, if we don't go to spirit paradise, we're all in the cartel together.

There are a few people that we dropped this week, but we also saw miracles with current and potential investigators. I don't know if I've told you anything about Juan and Sandra Lopez, but they're amazing. They've been coming to church for months and are living with Juan's brother's family, who are all members. They're so close to being baptized, and they both know it - they just need some encouragement. Hna Hanson and I both felt really impressed to challenge them to make the decision to be baptized. They went to the New Member Fireside last night and I thought I saw Juan crying, and they both said they were touched by the spirit. Pray for them!

We're teaching a few part-member families, which I definitely like more than families where no one is a member to a certain extent, because they understand our purpose and that this is a big decision, and they have support right there in their home. But we also have amazing investigators who individually understand the purpose of these things and are taking it seriously, so we have high hopes! Namely, they're Enrique and Maria. Pray that they'll keep their commitments and feel the Spirit witness to them of truth! 

My IC had a few bad days this week, but I powered through. I think I told you last week that I got a blessing that said that if I pushed forward with faith that things would work out. Well, on Saturday I was in pain all day, but I didn't excuse myself from the work and I pushed through it all. We didn't see a lot of success throughout the day, and it was discouraging, but the last person we went to let us in and we had an AMAZING lesson! She truly wants to investigate the church, come next Sunday, and committed to read the introduction and testimonies of the Book of Mormon before our next lesson with her!

Overall, I'm happy and positive, and enjoying the work. There are days (like when it's 110 degrees and we're walking on dirt roads through a gated neighborhood) when I wish I could just be home, but even in those moments I'm content. It's truly such a blessing to be a missionary!

Scriptural thoughts this week -1 Corinthians 14:1-9 - I was reading this and thinking about how blessed I am to have the Gift of Tongues, but how it really doesn't mean anything if I don't focus first on having the Spirit and teaching the Doctrine of Christ. It's something I knew, but it put things a bit more into perspective for what I should focus on praying for!

D&C 76:50-60 - The blessings that we're promised if we live worthy for the Celestial Kingdom are INCREDIBLE! I especially like how it ends with "And they shall overcome all things."

I've also become obsessed with sharing Moroni 7:33 this week,  "And Christ hath said: aIf ye will have bfaith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is cexpedient in me. " it's such a comforting scripture!

Hermana Garner

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